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Istanbul Hourly Yacht Rental

Get Istanbul Hourly Yacht Rental service in a short time with Mavi Ay Tur. The boat or yacht you like will be at your service and you will be able to rent it at the best prices, all you have to do is call us. As you know, Istanbul is one of the leading tourist centers not only in Turkey but also in the world, with its unique beauties, historical riches and cultural textures. This magical city, which is a magnificent bridge connecting the European and Asian continents, welcomes its guests with its palaces, mansions, museums and breathtaking parks bearing the traces of history.

The Bosphorus stretches among hills decorated with greenery, charming waterside mansions and palaces famous for their magnificence. We can say that the most impressive way to discover these magnificent beauties is to benefit from Istanbul hourly yacht rental services. With hourly or daily boat rental options, you can get away from the noise of the city and have the chance to discover the hidden beauties of Istanbul.

Istanbul yacht rental option not only allows you to enjoy the view but also offers the opportunity to host special events. You can organize almost any kind of organization in the middle of the sea, from business meetings to wedding celebrations, from birthdays to bachelorette parties, and create unforgettable memories.

You can get information about Mavi Ay Tur company from our WhatsApp numbers. We can serve you anywhere in Turkey. Call us to benefit from our affordable prices.

Hourly Yacht Rental Services

For example, with Istanbul hourly yacht rental, you can rent hourly boats from different parts of Istanbul, from Arnavutköy to Bebek, from Beşiktaş to Beykoz, and have the opportunity to explore every corner of the city from the sea. While you experience the city from a unique perspective by renting a luxury yacht on the Bosphorus, you can take a short escape from the city with Islands and swimming tours, especially in the summer months. The historical and natural beauties of Istanbul are waiting to be fully discovered with a rental boat.

Our yacht rental service on the Bosphorus offers an extremely easy and, most importantly, luxurious option to make the very special days of our valued guests unforgettable. Our latest model yachts, which you can rent at any time of the day, are ready to accompany your special moments by combining luxury and especially comfort.

Reach Mavi Ay Tur via the contact number.

When yacht rental Istanbul is mentioned, our private yachts that offer quiet sailing and where you can listen to the peaceful silence of the Bosphorus come to mind. Our yachts, which can accommodate almost any kind of organization, day or night, stand out with their yacht tours that can be planned with or without meals. Please note that you must reserve a place for yacht tours in advance. Sipping your drink under the sparkle of the Bosphorus and best of all, under the moonlight, invites you to a unique experience at the cocktail party you will organize with a rental yacht on the Bosphorus.

The Leading and Reliable Address in Yacht Rental

With our special yacht rental service in Istanbul, you can choose the yacht that best suits your organization and enjoy the Bosphorus immediately. We are at your service to make your special days unforgettable with our modernly equipped luxury yachts and our team who are truly experts in their field. We invite you to a journey filled with the magnificent beauties of Istanbul.

We make your special moments even more special with our yacht rental advantages on the Bosphorus. Our luxury yachts are ready for you at any time of the day. Thanks to the silent cruise, you can feel the unique atmosphere of the Bosphorus in all its details. You can have an unforgettable experience, getting away from the chaos of the city, with yacht tours that you can organize with or without meals if you wish. We invite you to a special adventure, far from ordinary, with our yacht rental service on the Bosphorus. Our company will always be the right address for advanced comfort, elegance and peace!

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